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Put your team in position to win with solutions that provide clarity, simplicity, and results through proper planning and oversight.


strategy & governance solutions for your board or leadership team

"It’s easy to let the weeds drown us… instead we should be focused on planting the right seeds for the future."

Patrick Jessee

JD, CAE, Enable President

Strategy Solutions

Whether it’s your board or your senior leadership team, setting the vision for where you’re going is critical to the continued success of your business. With our solutions, you can empower high performing teams with:

A vision and strategy to guide the organization. We become a partner to facilitate your board in development of a strong Strategic Plan.

  • We follow an in-depth, holistic process that engages stakeholders, undertakes strategic scanning, and develops the goals, objectives, strategies & tactics to guide your organization to success.
  • We partner to develop additional resources that are key to delivering results (such as budgets, project management workflows, and progress scorecards) so that your plan doesn’t sit on a shelf and gather dust.

An operational framework for your senior leadership team that instills the habits of annual and quarterly goal setting and aligns teams with accountability to the clear, vision supporting priorities to deliver results that matter.

Dashboards and scorecards tailored to fit the needs of your organization and to provide the real-time insights to assess whether you’re on track or need to adapt.​

Governance Solutions

“Governance” can seem like a daunting (even nebulous) word. You know you should be practicing good governance, but do you have a systematic framework for ensuring you and the leaders of your organization are doing it right?


Board Development & Governance Training

Is your board a high-performing board? We provide training, guidance, and practical tools for boards based on best practices and recent trends. We empower a simplified and clear process for governance. Recruiting and onboarding new members, understanding the role and process for strategic planning and environmental scanning, financial oversight, policy oversight, performance management of the CEO, fundraising, and more.

Governance Health Check & Manual Development

We undertake a holistic 20-point inspection of your governance documents, onboarding processes, and calendar of annual governance action items, including a full historical review of the organization’s minutes.

  • We provide a report on your overall governance health, a gap analysis of governance areas, and an implementation plan for any proposed improvements.
  • We can create a comprehensive, organized, and easily accessible catalog of the key governance items for your board and senior leadership team, including organizational documents, policies, strategy and governance materials, recent minutes and financial statements, board and staff structure documents, and collateral resources.

Succession Planning

Turnover is a known constant (board, CEO, and senior leadership). But in the daily hustle of putting out fires and executing on the mission, opportunities are missed to plan proactively for these eventual departures. Invest in establishing the culture, plans, and systems to transform these transitions from liabilities into powerful growth opportunities.


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