Client Results

With roots in lean visual management and an organization-wide focus, Enable has been consistently generating results.

By making Enable accessible through a reliable implementation path, we have been able to impact many organizations, their contributing teams, and thousands of individuals. 

Here are some of the results Enable has generated:


Software development projects stretched on endlessly. No way to know if individuals or teams were on track to deliver expected outcomes.

RESULT: Achieved a 300% increase in net income and consistently delivers at 96% on-time performance.

“We use Enable in every area of our business, from measuring how long it takes us to respond to clients to measuring how many bugs our clients find in our work. What we’ve learned is that when you put attention on a particular area, you WILL see improvement. By measuring it, addressing it, you will see change.” – President

custom software company

Ultrasound Systems Company


Double the value of the business in an exit scenario.

RESULT: Focused the business on the vital few market segments, not only doubling, but tripling the value in 3.5 years.

“Once we locked on markets where we had real value proposition, our teams now had a framework to make daily decisions that were aligned to our targeted outcomes. Engineering projects were focused, resources clearly allocated appropriately, and decisions were faster made and better communicated across the enterprise. This effectively opened capacity throughout the organization, which allowed our senior leaders to balance workloads and focus on positioning the company for a sale to a strategic buyer.” – GM/VP of Sales and Marketing


Over-stocked inventory due to lack of confidence in supply.

RESULT: Reduced WIP and raw materials by $200,000 in 6 months.

“We reduced WIP and raw material by $200,000 in six months. The materials management area hasn’t looked this good in years. The team’s efforts have certainly ‘moved the needle.’ Excellent work!” – VP of Operations

Metal Fabrication Company

Healthcare Last Mile Logistics Company


Pivoting the business to survive rapidly changing market conditions; redefining the value proposition and implementing internal processes. Parts of the business were beginning to break.

RESULT: Sustaining 99.9% reliability performance record across 2-3 million parcels annually, allowing the business to offer a standard of performance that many companies cannot in healthcare.

“Our teams know better what each other are doing and they are getting to the right answers much more quickly, allowing our business to adapt to market changes. Also, I know when something breaks today, I do not have to solve it for the team other than by making decisions and allocating resources, and I am confident that teams know where we want to go. By and large, I can focus on the strategy of the business and developing the deep, lasting relationships with today’s and future customers.” – CEO


An aging platform of products forcing competition in a commoditized market.

RESULT: Coordinated the team on a strategic market segment and grew the company by 61%.

“Previously, team members worked autonomously on projects of interest but without a broader market clearly in mind. This process allowed us to interrogate facts and evidence in a way we had not in the past. It facilitated group alignment and moved us very quickly toward compelling power architectures that opened revenues.” – CEO

Digital Power Management Company

Healthcare/ BioPharma Service Company


Targeting growth, but operations were not scalable due to high involvement of key personnel on every project. Needed an operating system.

RESULT: Confidence to manage increasing commitments with accountability at all levels of the business, and leadership’s ability to focus on growth, not operations.

“Enable allowed us to utilize our operational metrics more effectively. We were able to more easily see if a specific contract was taking more or less time than intended and adjust accordingly. It also helped to launch a mentality of continuous improvement throughout the organization, which was already part of our culture, but not as driven as it has become in recent years.” – COO

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Enable is a management system that engages every employee and aligns every team on delivering mission-specific outcomes in a culture of accountability and continuous improvement. It is a packaged playbook, ready to be adopted.

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