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Create the life you want
and impact organizations you know.

Enable is a management system that engages every employee and aligns every team on delivering mission-specific outcomes in a culture of accountability and continuous improvement. It is a packaged playbook, ready to impact your client’s organization.

Licensed Enable Consultants make that people-centered management system
accessible and adoptable to organizations.

Why become a
Licensed Enable® Consultant?

Enable is a proven management system that has impacted thousands. Teaching it to clients follows a reliable, repeatable process that is very efficient to deliver.

We give you everything you need to launch your practice and deliver the Enable management system to your clients. This includes a digital platform that achieves adherence to the process (for client) and allows you to monitor where teams might be struggling.

We also facilitate a vibrant community of your peers. Licensed Enable Consultants form deep relationships and meet regularly to support and learn from each other. In this way, you are not alone.

Ultimately, you can create the life you want, bringing impact to organizations that you know.

Meet Our Current Consultants

Learn more about Enable from five of our current Licensed Enable Consultants.

"Enable is about
getting things done. 

It’s different from other approaches I’ve seen which are focused more around strategy. Enable is about the practicality of getting a team organized and actually delivering the ideas that executive teams are strategizing about. It’s about getting stuff done. And making sure everyone is aligned top to bottom and focused on the same goals.

The more we’ve embraced doing business in an “Enable” way, the more I thought about how much this system could help our clients. So I got licensed, in order to be able to offer very practical process organization, in addition to our more technical offerings.”

Jason Beutler

President at EduSource &
Licensed Enable Consultant

Welch Group Consulting

Simone Welch & Bob Welch

"We had never seen a management system to effect such a positive cultural shift...

…to not only leadership, but throughout an organization. It is why Bob left an upper level executive position to pursue becoming a licensed Enable consultant. He had seen the results from the Enable model firsthand. He had witnessed it shift the culture of a generational business facing significant industry upheaval. Through Enable, this business re-aligned every team on the new strategy that would position them as a leader in the market. Everyone understood their mission, and was empowered to deliver on it.”

"Metrics can work for us or against us.

I’ve seen performance guidance and the communication of risk delivered to senior management in a disjointed, haphazard fashion. The data was there, but it was not contextualized nor coherent, and certainly did not contribute to fundamental clarity. As a result, senior management struggled to make the right decisions to empower the activities that would deliver results.

A defining moment in my career was to introduce a standard system for tracking program success that empowered senior leadership with a useful set of key indicators. Unlocking actionable insight through the right metrics, delivered in the right way at the right time has become my passion.

Enable takes that passion to the next level because it arms not only senior leadership, but every individual in every team with the clarity they need to make better, faster decisions and solve problems while they’re still small.”

Shane Greulach

Strategy Execution –
Operational Excellence Leader

Kevin Wirt

Principal Director
at Wirt Family Endeavors, LLC

"Sometimes leaders want more than advice.

What excites me most about Enable is that it makes a simple operating model accessible to and adoptable by leaders and their teams. It lays in the structure for positive accountability, at all levels of the business.

Having served in workplace ministry, I’ve seen the value of a trusted advisor. But I’ve also seen leaders yearn for more than just advice.

Enable allows me to truly impact the operational excellence of these great leaders’ organizations by arming them with a proven management system that empowers EVERY employee to do their part to get results. It’s not just about what to do, but how to do it, with a trusted guide.”

Your Journey as a
Licensed Enable® Consultant


Explore Enable

Talking with us is the first step in your journey to becoming a Licensed Enable Consultant. We walk you through a process of discovery – what Enable is and what it is like to be a consultant.


train with your cohort

Once a decision has been made to move forward, you join a training cohort. This is your community. We teach you everything we’ve learned about delivering Enable.


learn from your community

Once a month we facilitate a meeting of your cohort. What do we talk about? First and foremost, whatever is on your mind. Additionally, you get access to our experience and the group’s peer exchange.


receive On-going Support

You get us, and we are committed to you. Need to talk through a meeting coming up? Call. Have an idea for an additional training asset? We’re on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds, and so they cultivate their relationships based upon their unique underlying skill sets and experiences.

What we do provide is training on identifying your ideal client and putting yourself in the right places to serve them.

Business development is a standard topic in our monthly forums with your fellow cohort members.

This is not a franchise. We do not impose any strategies for running your business, nor do we profit from your engagements. We provide our advice and insight on how to shape your practice, but you maintain complete freedom to operate. 

It is an independent licensed agreement. We will give you all the tools and assets you need to deliver operational excellence to your network of clients. You just bring your experience.

Sure! Our consultants license the ability to deliver Enable on an annual basis.

The first year’s license agreement includes our initial Licensed Enable Consultant training, access to the tools and assets needed to implement Enable, and our support in any number of ways that empower your success.

Each following year’s license maintains that support and access. The license agreements expire annually, with the option to renew.

At the completion of your initial training, which is approximately one month following signed contract.

Training lasts one month. Plan to spend 4-6 hours weekly, culminating in a two-day onsite in Indianapolis, IN.

We cover the Enable management system model, every step of the client journey and how to walk your client through it, the tools you have at your disposal, and most importantly, what we’ve learned from years of doing this ourselves.

You have access to us at any time – we don’t keep track of phone calls, emails, etc. You also have a monthly two-hour forum with your peers in each cohort. Sometimes we’ll mix cohorts to expose you to more Enable consultants. We’re flexible, we consider your success as important as our own.

No. We will do everything in our power to make our community attractive to you, including invaluable market-enabling tools. 🙂


We want to get to know you! We ‘ll talk about your specific goals and how you are uniquely positioned to impact your potential clients.

We come to these conversations open, transparent, and with a long view.

Learn more about becoming a Licensed Enable Consultant today!