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DANE DeLozier

Enable Co-Founder

A Note from Dane DeLozier, Co-Founder of Enable

Somehow the opportunities that arise give us the experience that we need to open new ones. It was a gift in the late 1990s when Jack Fitzgibbons, the then President of The JPM Company, asked his senior leadership team to be further trained in Lean Enterprise at the University of Tennessee under Tom Greenwood. The mission was clear. The JPM company had grown incredibly fast, yet because of an economic downturn, was in trouble.  The company had to return to profitability and the goal was to sell it to a larger organization who could scale with the market when the economy turned favorable.   

I had just become Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the time, and it was a major challenge for the company. However, this is where the real learning began. I had already become comfortable with entrepreneurial experiences. This was a new mountain to climb, and I was quickly learning the value of a process. We did eventually neutralize losses and successfully sell the business to a world class electronics manufacturing company. 

More importantly, I learned some very key elements to how we get team members operating in concert and toward one common goal. Humans want to coalesce, and they want to be successful together. Introducing just a little bit of structure in how we communicate, what we do when something goes wrong, and most importantly clarify expectations is critical to enabling the outcomes we want to achieve. It is also a keystone in what has become the Enable™️ Management System.

Following the JPM experience, my career continued to develop around mission specific assignments. People started coming to me to help their organizations achieve outcomes. Whether it was to turn a company around, figure out its next product platform, or achieve an exit, a process was needed and a process developed. And, it really worked!

Fast forward to 2015, I started to realize that many companies struggle to get their teams focused on the vital few things that will achieve success. And that sharing those insights, more importantly giving them a process, could transform their businesses.

I truly believe that it was either pre-ordained or the universe was listening. Meeting Emily Bopp and Kyle Farley could not have been more timely or clarifying for me personally.  They not only had direct and relevant experience, they helped start a movement. Let me tell you a little bit about them.

Emily Bopp

Enable Co-Founder

Meet Emily Bopp!  Emily brings unique insight to Enable, Inc., drawing on over twenty years of entrepreneurial and small business management, leadership and development consulting,  humanitarian work, and various teaching roles.

Emily has learned a universal truth and seen it manifested in several non-profits, small businesses she’s worked for or consulted, large corporations addressing leadership and development issues, and even in her own home with her children, and that is this:  accountability does not apply to ideas, but to actions, and ideas can only be made actionable if they have a context and are concrete.

Meet Kyle Farley!  An executive with over 30 years of operations experience, Kyle’s expertise has helped to shape the Enable™ management system and its implementation.  Decisive and focused, Kyle excels at continuously improving business processes allowing organizations to unlock their performance potential.

Kyle’s key successes include profit improvement in turn-around situations, supply chain optimization, program management, strategic operational planning and execution, business process reengineering, performance measurement, and layered accountability. His “in the trenches” experience provides him with an understanding of the day to day issues that most small and mid- sized businesses face.

Kyle Farley

Enable Co-Founder

In Emily, there is no better example of accountable execution. As an educator, mission orienting co-founder, Kyle and I have enjoyed a partner who not only gets it done but also makes it safe for us to explore ideas, test things, and draw from those experiences of our past.

In Kyle, Emily and I enjoy being grounded by a very thoughtful co-founder.  Kyle has a quiet demeanor and is one the most thoughtful individuals I have encountered in my career. When he speaks, we have learned to listen.

The three of us have come together to help organizations train their leaders, teach a model, and achieve accountable results. It is not only our mission to create the leaders we want in the future, it is a movement in addressing a market skills gap. We approach this mission with humble expertise, focusing on continuous learning, investing in human goodness, and unlocking the value in our people.

We appreciate your checking us out.  Our door is always open, and everyone is welcome.    

– Dane DeLozier


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